Turkish Towel Pestemal

Turkish towel pestemal, with a history of hundreds of years, anciently was woven and used wit the purpose of to be covered in the public bathing place hammams. In those days, peshtemal,that woven of genuine cotton, linen or bamboo yarn, was the first choice of the people who had to walk to the Turkish bath from the home of course due to being very thin, very soft, very light and easy to carry.

Considering, we're talking about centuries ago, we surely can imagine that there were no chemicals, factories and series production. The elbow grease and eye straining of Turkish towels were woven of completely organic yarns that colored by dyestuff plants on hand looms. Almost everything has changed from past to present, Turkish pestemal remained in the unchanged minority. As we can guess, Turkish towel pestemal stayed faithful to it's origin, which, still woven of pure organic yarns by using the traditional weaving techniques today. Because of these reasons, pestemal has been realized all over the world in these days that we all yearn the nature and the natural. So it began to take place widely everywhere in the world, houses, baths, beaches, spa, gym and like else.

You ask why; Because pestemal is natural, because it is beautiful, because it is traditional, because it is light, thin and so absorbent.

I would say that, pestemal Turkish towel is the pioneer of comfort and unusualness.

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