Peshtemal Turkish Towel has come from centuries ago until today, as a mirror of Turkish Bath culture. Nowadays, this different towel which brings together the concepts of naturalness, pleasure, quality, comfort, and health that old people gave much importance, has begun to be adopted by the world communities. Turkish towel pestemal maintains its originality as the first day without compromising from the traditional weaving and dyeing techniques. Being handicraft and nature friendly, made by considering the user's health and weaved of natural materials adds a value to the peshtemal towel that can not be measured with money. Peshtemal Turkish towels woven in rectangular on hand looms and vivid colors of them are the miracles of natural dyes obtained from dyestuffs plants grown in Anatolia. Although Blanket Turkish Towel is essentially a bath towel with high absorbency, it also widely used as beach towel, sarong, picnic blanket, gym towel, pilates towel, yoga towel, swimming towel and even home textile such as table cloth, throw and ground cloth for children to play. After six months your baby will begin sitting. From this period the played games on the floor is very important to your child's motor development and social and emotional development. While children playing on the floor you will need a soft, clean and healthy baby floor mat to provide them comfort and also to provide yourself peace of mind. Wide Turkish towel pestemal is the most appropriate option as a ground cloth to play with the features of being a soft textured fabric, being an organic product that made of hundred percent organic cotton and vegetable dyed and to be able to easily washed and dry quickly.

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Ultra large Turkish pestemal made of hundred percent pure cotton. Both ends of the Turkish blanket t..
Ultra large Turkish pestemal made of hundred percent pure cotton. Both ends of the Turki..
Ultra large Turkish pestemal made of hundred percent pure cotton on traditional looms. T..
This extra large pestemal in XXL size is useful for as a picnic blanket and beach blanket. Not ..
These large Turkish towels with elegant hue options are woven of 100% Turkish Cotton.   &n..
Hundred percent genuine cotton ultra large Turkish towel. This large peshtemal towel beautified with..
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