Pestemal Robe

Let's not consider unimportant our bathrobes used as a drying wear after the bath or shower.

Have you ever thought that the bathrobe, which is one of our most used items in our daily lives, directly contact with our skin with fully opened pores after a hot shower and directly affects to our health. Do we take proper care while selecting our bathrobes.

Why should we use Peshtemal bathrobe?

For made of healthy and environment friendly Turkish towel pestemal woven by hundred percent cotton, linen or bamboo yarn which colored with natural dyes.

For being an ultra hygienic product due to its fine and smooth texture which does not allow the growing out of the germs and bacteria.

For being the pestemal bathrobe more absorbent and much lighter than terry cloth bathrobe.

For drying quickly and requiring little space.

For offering a comfortable usage with its fine and light form.

For being decorative and stylish.

For having the feature of softening in every wash.

Pestemal men and women bathrobes , with eye catching colors and utmost convenience are prepared by considering the health and quality standards.