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What is peshtemal

Peshtemal is the traditional Turkish towel. Peshtemal has reached to the present from the historic Turkish bath era. Turkish towel has a history of nearly six hundred years in Anatolia. Peshtemal primarily used as hamam (Turkish Bath) towel in Anatolia. Sultans of the Ottoman dynasty were also wearing peshtemal in the hamam. According to the ancient Turkish traditions when a couple decided to marry they were giving to each other bath set as a gift. Turkish towel peshtemal was the most indispensable piece of this set. Nowadays, peshtemal used as bath towel an as bathrobe at beaches, in saunas, sauna towel wrap, sauna bench towel, baths and Turkish hammams. Turkish Towel Peshtemal is preferred in travel because of being thin and light and also very easy to dry. It is absorptive as terrycloth.
Peshtemal at home


There are many ideas to use peshtemal at home. Not just as a towel at bathroom. You may prefer to cover your table, maybe to use as a knee blanket. Peshtemal is a multipurpose handicraft.

One peshtemal is enough