Historical Cemberlitas Hammam

Cemberlitas Hammam which is located in Istanbul's historic district Cemberlitas was built as a charity of Sultan Third Murat's mother Sultan Nurbanu. This famous Turkish bath is a work of Mimar Sinan who has built the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture.

Cemberlitas Hammam serves as a double bath. Double hammam consists of two adjacent Turkish bath, separately for men and women.

Six verse of inscription on the entrance door of the bath has been preserved in its original state.

Locker rooms of men and women sections covered by two large domes. Passages of domes connected with corner squinches. These domes in 18m height and there are dark lanterns in both dome.

Tepidity of both sides are covered with three domes.

In caldarium sections with square planned exterior, 12 cornered scheme has been created that consisting of 12 columns, by going beyond the traditional Ottoman architectural style. Domed enclosed bathing cubicles have been placed in the middle of four corners and covered with marble separators. Couplets are inscribed on these marbles separators.

Decorations on the marble floor made with colored stones are very remarkable.
Heated marble slab (to lie on for sweating) of Cemberlitas Hammam in grand size which is extremely rare.

Cemberlitas Hammam is one of the most recommended Turkish Bath due to being well-maintained and extremely clean and with the High service quality.
And of course while having the curative waters benefits of the Turkish hammam to meet with history in the unprecedented building into the bargain.
This Turkish Bath attracts tourists with services, location and the building which is a one of the masterpieces of Ottoman history.

Some scenes of the ''The Water Diviner'' were shot in Cemberlitas Hammam that directed and starring by Russell Crowe.

Hammam Services:

Classic Turkish Hammam
After reaching to the caldarium section with the pestemal towel given you, you lie on to heated marble slab for sweating. Expect for sweating, as resting under the light filtering through the extraordinary domes. Yes, now you are ready to bathe. After relaxing as you wish in caldarium section, you may own one of the basins, rub yourself with a kese (bath glove) and bathe with fragrant soaps by pouring water with a copper bath bowl.

Peeling (Kese), Foam and Sultan Bath
After a 15 minutes body scrub and massage which applied by Turkish bath attendants, you bathed by the same attendant at the marble basin.
Aromaterpik Oil Massage
This massage applied by using essential oils makes you relax and refresh.
Indian Head Massage
It is a very special service offered by Cemberlitas Hammam to the customers and takes 30 minutes.
Clay Face Mask
Thanks to the clay mask applied to the face and neck, your skin is cleansed of dirt and excess sebum and your pores are open.

You should try Turkish coffee with Turkish delight and rose sherbet while resting in the Dome Cafe of Cemberlitas Hammam.


Phone: +90 (212)522 79 74, +90 (212) 520 18 50


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