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Peshtemal Produced on Hand Loom Adorned with Jacquard Cat Figures

Kitty patterned peshtemal towel made on hand loom by using 100% Turkish cotton. All of the themed Peshtemal towel is decorated with various sizes of jacquard cat figures such as mother cat and kitten, stretching cat, walking cat, sitting cat, lying cat.

The two side of the supersoft and absorbent Turkish hamam towel can be used as two different pestemals. On one side the cotton towel main color is dark and the cats are white and the other side's main color is white and the cats are dark.

The most important features of the kitty jacquard peshtemal are being organic, easy to dry, easy to carry, its thinness, lightness, absorbency and to offer you a multi purpose usage with the unique style of it. Peshtemal with cat figures can be used as a decorative seat cover or table cover too if you wish. Turkish cotton towel with fringes always woven with the same meticulously before centuries until today, nowadays it has become very populer beach towel as well. 

Our towels are not factory-made. All the pestemals are produced by traditional methods in a respectful manner to its origin, woven on hand looms and vegetable dye is used.
  • Weight: 300.00 g / 10.58 oz
  • Dimension: Length 180.00 cm / 70.87 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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