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Super Soft Pre Washed Dual Layered Turkish Muslin Peshtemal Towel

This Turkish Towel muslin peshtemal made even more evident by the geometric pattern with loose ends. Cotton Turkish towel woven of high-quality cotton yarn, pre washed super soft pehtemal.

Peshtemal which is woven of genuine cotton is a towel that breathable, thickly porous, napless, absorptive and getting more softness after each wash. The bath and beach Turkish towel's colors does not fade over time thanks to colored with dyes obtained from nature and retains its original beauty.  

Hammam peshtemal is not just for home. There are many occasions you can choose to use Turkish towel. Think about a travel of family of four and you like to carry your own towels with you. It is not easy to carry all your terry towels with you. They are heavy and needs lots of room in your bag or luggage. But the peshtemals can be folded easily to a small sizes and they are lightweight. During your travel you can dry peshtemal towels in a very short time under the sun or in a windy place. You will almost forget that they are in your luggage. If you are not, you'll be a fan of the peshtemal.

You can combine this product with bathrobes KM001:


Toalla Turca, håndklæde, πετσέτα, handduk, toalha, מגבת טורקית, トルコタオル, منشفة تركية, türkisches Handtuch, serviette turque

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  • Dimension: Length 180.00 cm / 70.87 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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