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Blanket Size Turkish Towel

Ultra large Turkish peshtemal made of hundred percent pure cotton. Both ends of the Turkish blanket towel are decorated with diamond patterns.
Although, pestemal essentially is a traditional Turkish bath towel, thanks to being a small footprint and easy to carry, you can easily use the peshtemal blanket towel as a ground cloth or as a picnic mat or beach blanket by putting into your bag or your car.

This product can also be used for decorative purposes such as table cloth, seat cover or as a thin blanket.

After six months your baby will begin sitting. From this period the played games on the floor is very important to your child's motor development and social and emotional development. While children playing on the floor you will need a soft, clean and healthy baby floor mat to provide them comfort and also to provide yourself peace of mind. Extra large Turkish towel pestemal is the most appropriate option as a ground cloth to play with the features of being a soft-textured fabric, being an organic product that made of hundred percent organic cotton and to be able to easily washed and dry quickly.

Turkish blanket is a good and absorptive bath towel and at the same time it is an elegant beach towel can be used as a sarong.

Toalla Turca, håndklæde, πετσέτα, handduk, toalha, מגבת טורקית, トルコタオル, منشفة تركية, türkisches Handtuch, serviette turque, cubierta de la cama, colcha, Bettdecke, sengetrekk, sängöverkast, couvre-lit, כיסוי מיטה, copriletto, κάλυμμα κρεβατιού

  • Weight: 1,450.00 g / 51.14 oz
  • Dimension: Length 250.00 cm / 98.43 in | Width 200.00 cm / 78.74 in
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    Large Turkish Towel
    100% Cotton
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