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Absolute Cotton Turkish Towel Pestemal Ecru Striped on Claret Red

Unique Turkish pestemal towel. The claret red color Turkish Towel decorated with thin and thick ecru stripes and and finished whit fringes. Turkish bath towel that woven of hundred percent genuine cotton. 

Experience at home the Turkish bath delight with cozy pestemal hammam towels made of genuine organic cotton.  Not just for the bath, if you want to create a different style in your home, peshtemal also can be used as seat cover, tablecloth or picnic blanket as well as bath towel

Pestemal Turkish towel has been produced with a special weaving method. Strongly recommended to wash the towel before the first use. You will see that at the very first wash pestamal gets surprisingly soft touch. As usual this peshtemal getting softer and more absorbent after every single wash.Same as the other Turkish bath towels, needs short time to dry under the sun. Or can be dried in a windy place, dries very quickly comparing to the terry towels. If you like to, you can put these towels into your dryer too. Choosing sensitive program is recommended if you use the dryer.

There are many occasions you can choose to use this special cotton towel.

Pestemals are not just for the bath or the beaches. Can be used as a seat cover or table cover at home. At the beach can be wrapped as a sarong.

There is no limit to use a peshtemal. Enjoy....

Toalla Turca, håndklæde, πετσέτα, handduk, toalha, מגבת טורקית, トルコタオル, منشفة تركية, türkisches Handtuch, serviette turque

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    Bath Towel
    100% Cotton