If you're not sure with the towel you're shopping online, you need to know some basics about the towels.

A good, correct beach or bath towel should have several things. Dry off quickly, soft, absorbent, fit to your home, durable enough for years.

All we care the envoirement. So the material is important too. Also the water and energy we use...

Peshtemal have all those basics. We use natural cotton yarn, no harmful chemicals, environmentally friendly dye...

Peshtemal is ultra fast dry towel. Can be folded in small size, this saves more space in your bathroom or in travel case. 

The nature of the peshtemal is opposite to the terry towel. Peshtemal is getting more softer and absorbent in time you use. Aged peshtemals are much and much better than new. 

Remember to wash your new peshetmal before the first use.