Large Turkish towels, functional, thin, not sewn and useful which can be used with many decorative purposes such as tablecloths, throw, beach blanket, picnic blanket.

The history behind the Turkish hamam products, all began more than 600 years ago. Inspired by the long tradition of Turkish bath. We continuous discover the more and more usage areas of peshtemal.

Peshtemal is not just a towel, it’s where our comfort is.  The most healthiest and functional towel peshtemal holds many surprises for you.  Many people became obsessed with that supernatural experience. And once they have a large Turkish towel, there was no going back. That’s just what we hope Turkish blanket towel will also make your life easier. 

Sometimes we don't know how it happens. But everywhere you put it on, it looks great with its unique texture and wonderful colors.

This blog was created for people who are wishing to obtain numerous benefits from a towel. Then let's see what we can do; 

1 Towel Although the history is old, peshtemal is an innovation in your bathroom. Despite its fine texture, it is a surprisingly absorptive towel. It does not contain musty odor with some reasons such as being 100% cotton, thinness and quick drying. Large peshtemal is also the highlight of beaches with beautiful colors. 

2 Throw Throw blanket is the most perfect decoration of the winter season and the holiday.  It almost  like a scene out of reality. Turkish towel Blankets of all colors and sizes are lined up in your living room on the seat, on the television chair and even on the table. You can use as a throw native Turkish patterned large peshtemal comfortably. It is an inexpensive and elegant way to add color to your sitting room.  

3 Bathroom Do you want to add a new style to the bedroom? Large Turkish towel that you use as beach blanket with different colors and wonderful pattern options, now can be bed blanket in your bedroom. Really! Large size Turkish towel also fits your double bed and offers you a low budget way to decorate your bed.

4 Picnic Blanket Do not we all go to the countryside with our families in the picnic season? Don't spend your time looking for a picnic blanket. Because if you bought a large peshtemal, you already have a picnic blanket. Even when you are not going away, when the golden light hits, grab your large Turkish towel and enjoy your own backyard. Beside a picnic basket and a bottle of wine is enough. 

5 Beach Blanket The picnic is over, but it will be very exciting to use your Turkish blanket towel on the beach. We know you want a bit bigger beach blanket than the normal sized beach towel. Who would not want that? It’s more than just a towel. It’s peshtemal you can lie down on, by throwing on to the sands and turning it into something that you can dry your self and also wrap your body.

6 Table Cloth Want to know more about what we can do with Large peshtemal?  It is also possible to create a beautiful and functional tablecloth from the Turkish towel. Large pestemal towel offers inside and garden tables in incredible elegance. It complements your house nicely.

7 Siesta Blanket Non sew Turkish blanket towel accompanies you while napping at home with its softness, lightness and comfort. When a sweet lethargy comes to you, take your large peshtemal on and close your eyes.