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Bohemian Bamboo Pestemal with Orange Stripes on Ecru

There are orange embellished stripes as two lines on both sides of the self patterned woven bamboo peshtemal in ecru color. Turkish bamboo towels are extremely soft, highly water absorbent, soft even after repeated washes. Bamboo towels are also anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Bamboo is a tree which grows in the Far East and has antibacterial feature. Bamboo fibers prevents growth of bacteria with the characteristics of high moisture absorption, good permeability and reversibility. The crosscut of bamboo fiber is not circular, it has got lobed appearance. Bamboo fiber absorbs the sweat due to this texture and evaporates it in a second channel. Thus, bamboo Turkish towels allows you to feel cool and comfortable in the hot ambients such as baths, beaches or hammams. The textile products that made of bamboo fibers has got the features of soft grip, comfort, resistance to washout, color fastness and antistatic.
Bamboo Turkish towel foutas have got a high endurance against alkaline, acid fungi. They also partially protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Genuine cotton bamboo towels are eco-friendly, organic and natural. Bamboo peshtemals, allows the body to breathe more easily. Owing to anti static feature it does not stick to the body.

The soft touch of the bamboo and the absorbency of the cotton are bringing an amazing feeling to the Turkish bath towel.   

This product can be used as set with the product coded HPS028
  • Weight: 270.00 g / 9.52 oz
  • Dimension: Length 170.00 cm / 66.93 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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  • Style
    Bath Towel
    50 % Bamboo, 50 % Cotton