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Bona Fide Bamboo Pestemal with Olive Green Stripes on Ecru

Cotton bamboo pestemal towel woven of 50% bamboo, 50 %cotton. There are two olive green thick lines on both sides of the self patterned woven bamboo towel in ecru color

Turkish towel pestemal  is a fine, napless, highly absorbent and quick drying at the same time very light useful and decorative product. Peshtemal Turkish towels woven in rectangular on hand looms. 

Although Pestemal Turkis Towel is essentially a bath towel it also widely used as beach towel, sarong, picnic blanket, gym towel, pilates towel, yoga towel, swimming towel and even home textile such as table cloth, throw and ground cloth for children to play.

Pestemal bamboo towels woven of the yarn obtained by mixing the genuine cotton and bamboo whic is grown in the Far East and made into yarn in Turkey then colored with natural dyes. While transformed the bamboo fiber into yarn particular attention is paid to protect the naturalness.

The wellness trend, which is rapidly spreading  in the world gained prominence to the cotton bamboo towels. 

Main characteristics of bamboo of Turkish towels;

  •  It has got a soft and airy texture,
  •  It highly absorbs water,
  • Bamboo pestemal helps to the body to breathe by providing air permeability,
  • There is a natural brightness on the yarn, obtained from bamboo fibers, without any additives are utilized,
  • Bamboo pestemal is an antibacterial towel,
  • Reduces the effects of ultraviolet light,
  • Pestemal bamboo towel has got the anti allergenic feature thanks to the the substance named as bamboo kun contained by bamboo fiber,
  • It does not require special care,
  • Oranic bamboo pestemal towels are wear resistant although being very thin.                                                                                

The bamboo Turkish towel peshtemal is hundred percent natural product that prepared by attaching importance to human health.


This towel can be used as set with the product coded HPS031
  • Weight: 270.00 g / 9.52 oz
  • Dimension: Length 170.00 cm / 66.93 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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  • Style
    Bath Towel
    50 % Bamboo, 50 % Cotton