Turkish Towel Became Corner Pillow

Turkish Towel Store, for a long time, has been designing, producing and adapting petemal Turkish towel to all areas of your life, in accordance with its original style.

Pestamal towel born in Turkish Bath, nowadays is adorning modern bathrooms and beaches.

But, not only that!!!!

Turkish towel, with light, thin and useful texture of it,can also be used as a chic cloth and decorative accessory, interiors and in the gardens.

We thought that, your window seat or the television chair are cozy places to lay for you. Pestemal corner pillows, which you will lay back while resting on these seats,doubles the beauty of your home or garden as well, with elegant and vivid hues and striped patterns.

Then we decided, it's time to make Turkish towel cushion covers, for you, for your garden chairs, for each your beautiful summer, winter and farm houses.

Turkish towel store is always in search of elegance and comfort...

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