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Classic Turkish peshtemal made even more evident by the five 2.5 cm brown stripes at both ends of the beige towelThis Turkish bath towel woven of hundred percent pure cotton. Rectangular woven Turkish towel has been adorned with fringes. Peshtemal, that indispensable wrap of the Turkish hammas and the bathes of the ottoman Palaces, is now adorn the world famous beaches.

The most characteristic features of Turkish towel;

  • The towel has got a high softness and absorbency thanks to  being hundred percent genuine cotton.
  • Due to being napless, pestemal is lightweight, thin, easy drying and space saving towel.
  • Bath towel, which we a lot use in our daily lives is frequently washed and dried.Turkish hammam pestemal keeps the beauty of the first day for many years with its color fastness speciality.
  • Pestemal, that used as bath towel, beach towel, pool towel or decorative home textile is also a very good souvenir with its elegance and authenticity.


  • Weight: 320.00 g / 11.29 oz
  • Dimension: Length 160.00 cm / 62.99 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in
  • Style
    Bath Towel
    100% Cotton