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Traditional hand woven Turkish peshtemal towel with thin, colorful stripes. It's adorned with stripes and off white tassels. Extremely soft, highly water absorbent, soft even after repeated washes. Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Cotton Turkish Towel allows you to feel cool and comfortable in the hot ambients such as baths, beaches or hamams. Can be used as a sport towel, travel towel, beach towel etc. The textile products that made of high quality cotton has got the features of soft grip, comfort, resistance to washout, color fastness and antistatic.  This fine woven cotton pestemals, allows the body to breathe more easily. Owing to anti static feature it does not stick to the body. 

Peshtemal primarily used as hammam towel in Anatolia. Sultans of the Ottoman dynasty were also wearing pestemal in the hamam. Fouta is a handicraft. Throughout history this Turkish towel was produced by weaving on hand looms by women in Turkey's eastern Black Sea and Aegean regions. Our products are not factory-made. All the peshtemals are produced by traditional methods in a respectful manner to its origin, woven on hand looms.

  • Weight: 390.00 g / 13.76 oz
  • Dimension: Length 190.00 cm / 74.80 in | Width 90.00 cm / 35.43 in