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Cotton Turkish Towel Pestemal with Thin Stripes On Brown

Genuine cotton Turkish towel peshtemal is composed of ecru vintage  thin stripes on black. Being absorbent, lightweight, fine and decorative make Turkish fouta pestemal preferable. Soft and absorbent fringed Turkish hamam towel made of 100%  Turkish cotton. Peshtemals are getting soft and more absorbent after every single wash. This is the nature of the peshtemal.

The cotton peshtemal has got the recommended children towel features such as, woven of the yarn which made of all natural and healthy fibers and vegetable dyed, being thin, light, antibacterial, soft, highly absorbent and quick drying.  Turkish pestemal towel is preferred for sports and swimming lessons as well as at home, for being easy to carry in a bag, light weight and small footprint.  

  • Weight: 330.00 g / 11.64 oz
  • Dimension: Length 160.00 cm / 62.99 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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  • Style
    Bath Towel
    100% Cotton