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Cotton Turkish Towel Pestemal with Thin Stripes On Lilac

This Turkish towel peshtemal is composed of ecru vintage  thin stripes on lilac. Being absorbent, lightweight, fine and decorative make Turkish towel preferable. 

Cotton is the most common material used for the peshtemal

There are very major differences between cotton pestemal towel and the other textile products. The first and most important difference which concerns all of us, cotton pestemal fouta   is a recyclable and eco friendly towel which weaved of genuine cotton on the handlooms in Anatolia. Organic Turkish towels does not irritate the skin of the users due to not containing any artificial substances. 

Although cotton Peshtemal Turkish Towel is originally a bath towel it is greatly used as beach towel, sarong, picnic blanket, gym towel, pilates towel, yoga towel, swimming towel and even home textile such as table cloth, seat cover and ground cloth for children to play as well.

  • Weight: 330.00 g / 11.64 oz
  • Dimension: Length 160.00 cm / 62.99 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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  • Style
    Bath Towel
    100% Cotton