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Custom Design Turkish Towel Pestemal With Rosy Stripes

Turkish linen towel is a special sample of Turkish handicraft peshtemal. The smooth woven and the crepe woven are combined and adorned with horizontal rosy stripes on the Turkish linen towel with fringe

This peshtemal made of fifty percent genuine linen, fifty percent pure cotton. The classic line of the pestemal met with the elegancy of the linen in this Turkish bath towel

The linen Turkish bath towel with fringe is very absorbent, although being very light and very thin. Fouta towel also dries quickly thanks to the fineness, fineness is one of the most prominent features of peshtemal.

This different towel which is stylish and also very functional, has become an indispensable garment of beaches and swimming pools as well as being a very good bath towel.
Peshtemal linen towel is a comfy, healthy and pleasant wear to dry that you can use with peace of mind for your child as well.

  • Weight: 290.00 g / 10.23 oz
  • Dimension: Length 190.00 cm / 74.80 in | Width 95.00 cm / 37.40 in

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  • Style
    Bath Towel
    50 % Linen, 50 % Cotton