How Turkish Napkin Towel Bring Eco Friendly And Cost Effective Solutions

Think of a thin, napless towel, napkin size. 100% cotton and woven meticulously. We think that these towels will catch your attention. At first glance, you may wonder if the napkin size Turkish towel is sufficiently absorbent. But after a few uses, it becomes clear that small size Turkish towel is the most absorbent and fastest drying towel you use. There is genuine cotton in this mini towel.

As long as you know how to choose your towel, a dish towel, tea towel or hand towel can be as soft as you want at the same time, it can have a slim and comfortable handling like a paper towel. Right after use, small pestemal can be easily laundered and get dry dramatically quickly.

We know really well, how to weave a towel of the desired quality and how importance using natural yarn. Also, what is going to take the towel to the next level. Classiness of fringed Turkish pestamals, which are designed loyally to the 600 years history of it, helps to carry the towel to the next level.

Napkin Turkish pestemal is a towel that, gives you cosiness in the kitchen, in the bathroom, during babyminding, and just wherever you want to use it. At the same time it is an economical solution due to mini Turkish towel is reusable.

It is really cool to running on new solutions inspired by you. And we always want to support your comfort, to see you happy.  

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