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Embellished Hued Striped Turkish Bath Towel in White

Dense striped pestemal bath towel woven of hundred percent genuine cotton.

This exclusive example of Turkish handicrafts is adorned with thin eye catching hued horizontal stripes on snow white and complemented with characteristic peshtemal fringes. This stripy peshtemal is essentially a very absorbent, very thin, quick drying and space saving bath towel. However, the cotton hammam pestemal chosen with a wide variety of purposes such as beach towel, spa towel, sports towel, baby care mat or a decorative home textile.

Authentic Turkish towel  is  an organic textile product that never contain artificial ingredients and colored with dyestuff plants and it is a napless towel such as other examples of classical pestamal.

Pestemal Turkis towel provides speciality to the user  with its different style and at the same time it  can be considered as a very stylish gift.

The usage of rectangular woven Turkish towel is very comfortable. Also softness, lastingness, color fastness and yarn quality are some of the crucial features of the Turkish bath towels. Towels are important personal belongings  that directly contact with our skin after a hot bath, often used and continually washed. Precisely for this reason all these features of peshtemal towel make it unique. 

  • Weight: 420.00 g / 14.81 oz
  • Dimension: Length 175.00 cm / 68.90 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in
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