Mini Turkish Towel Face Cloth

The difference of the Turkish facecloth comes from the weaving technique and the cotton used.

These mini mini cute towels are still woven by traditional methods, that have been continuing since our grandfather's time.

So, where the cotton, that used to weaving of the towels, are grown?

Cotton, which used in Turkish towels , is cultivated in the cotton city Hierapolis.
The world's finest cotton is grown in the vast and fertile plains of this ancient city, which has been entered into UNESCO's cultural heritage.
Yes, the cotton used in the production of towels, grows in the vast and endless plains starting from the historical Paradise Pamukkale (perhaps some of the readers have visited)

As a result of the high quality of cotton, high absorbency, long lasting and high standard are observed in the towel in a prominent way.
Nowadays, the line between the towels made of genuine cotton and the towels containing the artificial ingredients has become quite apparent. Users became more conscious and sensible.
Turkish cotton provides a natural softness as well as being healthy and hygienic.

In short, the mini towels that are woven from this high quality Turkish cotton are widely used in many areas such as facial care, baby care and the use of kitchen. 
It retains its softy for many years, the colors do not fade, and most importantly, it provides high hygiene. 

Similar to peshtemal Turkish towels, the face cloths made of Turkish cotton provides confidence and comfort to its user.

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