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Purple color peshtemal. Here's a real classic of Turkey. The Turkish towel, made of hundred percent natural cotton fibers, is woven on hand looms. This wayout bath towel, which designed in the combination of vertical mesh and honeycomb patterns, reflects the elegance of simplicity. Towels ends are completed by tassels which is the classic feature of  peshtemal. It is so important the bathing delight isn't it? What about the beautifying your bathroom with this soft, thin, light, chic and at the same time absorbent, quick drying pestemal Turkish towels that brings together the historical prettiness with contemporary lines.

Where and How to Use Pestemal?
Pestemal has got a special fine texture differently than other towels. It is a stylish beach towel as well as being a highly absorbent and quick drying bath towel.  Both suitable to use as towel and as a sarong on the beach. You can easily carry the pestemal towel in your bag which becomes very compact when folded. Therefore, it is very convenient as sports towel, pool towel, spa towel, picnic  blanket or baby care cloth. This naturalistic and noble towel also is a stylish home textile which complements the interior design.
  • Weight: 250.00 g / 8.82 oz
  • Dimension: Length 175.00 cm / 68.90 in | Width 95.00 cm / 37.40 in
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