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Hooded Pestemal Bathrobe Varicolored and Genuine Cotton

Unisex Hooded pestemal bathrobe varicolored and genuine cotton. The hooded and hundred percent cotton bathrobe made of Turkish towel pestemal. The hood, body portion, arms and belt of colored Turkish towel bath robe are adorned with white thin lines and the hem and sleeve ends are completed with fringes. 
Do not underrate bathrobe, Turkish robe is a very special goods of us which is touching our sensitized skin every day after the bath and which should be selected carefully and must be all natural. 

Why peshtemal bathrobe;

  • Pestemal bathrobe has got all the advantages of Turkish towel,
  • Woven on handlooms  by using pure cotton colored by natural dyes, does not contain any artificial ingredients that harm human health and the environment,
  • Turkish bath robes are very thin and light and also highly absorbent,
  • Turkish peshtemal robe has got the feature of quick and easy to dry,
  • Pehstemal robe allows you to be dried without sweltering after the hot bath,
  • Cotton pestemal bathrobe  becomes very compact when folded and it provides the benefit of space saving,
  • Peshtemal towel bathrobe with hood  is very easy to carry in the bag so it completes your style on the the beach or at the swimming pool if you wish.

Unisex Bathrobe Size Chart

Width 106cm 114cm 122cm 130cm 138cm
Arm 61cm 62cm 62cm 64cm 65cm
Shoulder 19cm 19cm 20cm 20cm 20cm
Lenght 122cm 123cm 124cm 125cm 126cm
  • Weight: 700.00 g / 24.69 oz
  • US$54.99

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    Made of Turkish Cotton Pestemal
    100% Cotton