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Hooded Wavy Bathrobe for Kids

Kids bathrobe made of pestemal, produced for children and it is hundred percent pure cotton, completely organic, healthy and handwoven.

Hooded child robe is woven in wavy pattern and adorned with thin and thick of lines in three colors. Hems and arm ends of the bathrobe are fringed.

For responsive parents, healthy dressing is also important as well as healthy feeding. Peshtemal kids bathrobe which is woven of Turkish cotton and colored with natural dyes does not irritate the sensitive skins of tiny children.

Wavy patterned kids robe is in extremely fine texture and it is also very absorbent and dries quickly. Peshtemal children's bathrobe does not chill the kids after the bath as well as does not sweltered like thick terry bathrobes.

Turkish towel bathrobe for being a light , easy to carry and quick drying product, much preferred in the bathroom at the pool and on the beach. The bathrobe that made of pestemal will experienced the comfort of dried with pleasure and convenience to the kids, with its eye catching colors, fineness and softness.

Size Chart

  4-6 years 6-8 years 8-10 years 10-12 years
Width 64cm 76cm 84cm 92cm
Arm 46cm 48cm 50cm 52cm
Shoulder 12cm 14cm 15cm 15cm
Length 71cm 76cm 81cm 86cm
  • Weight: 250.00 g / 8.82 oz
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