I wonder if there was anything else inour daily life that we used as much as towels. Towels areindispensable, like bread, water, which we may need in any moment ofour lives.

This beloved belongings of us hasbeen the subject of many idioms. For example, ''never throw in thetowel'' is just one of them.

Are we really careful when we buytowels, that are very important in terms of our health, our skin and our comfort,in these days which our ideas and actions are automated.

Taking towel is really an action thatrequires awareness. Let's not forget that while buying our newtowels, these colorful beauties directly contact with our well-openedpores after the hot shower and directly effect our health.

After a good night's sleep, we wake upin the morning, wash our face and compress our soft towel to ourface. According to experts, this moment is a short but very importantmoment of meditation that has a direct impact on the day. They saidthat, this moment is so special that we are putting the happinesshormones in our brain into action.

So what happens, if your towel youbought with love just a few weeks ago, worn out quickly, it'sbeautiful colors faded and hardened like sandpaper. Here, we have totake into account the feelings, that the towel will give us which wewill be dried up after the bath, or after we have washed our hands orface, during the towel shopping. Let's do a little research before wego to the towel shopping, right?

Ahem! If the towels, that enamour uswith elegant hues are not made of completely genuine cotton, linen,or bamboo and if the chemicals are mixed up the shopping ends withfrustration. Whether, it's a bath towel, a hair towel or a hand towelover and above if our child will also use this towel we should preferthe ones that polyester-free and made from 100% natural yarn.

We all have terry towels and bathrobesat home. They protect the softness after each wash if woven ofgenuine natural yarn colored with natural dyes. It's nice, but thereis a fact that terry towels take up a lot of space in the wardrobeand bag.

So what do we do, you say?

Have you ever heard about Turkish towelor alias Pestemal? If you have not heard it, just go in and check onthe internet.

Turkish peshtemal, is the only towelthat providing health and convenience for the user, thin, light, verydry and quick-drying, little space saving in the world. While theamazing pestemal saves space in your wardrobe at the same time it isthe most convenient towel to take with you to picnic, beach or sportsin your bag easily. Yeah yeah, you did not hear it wrong, it's alltrue.

Pestemals made of real cotton, bambooor linen are thin and light but very very absorbent towels.

Your pestemal towel, that you can carryeasily with you, after a while, will be like a friend you goeverywhere together.

Pestemal is beautiful and it is such abelongings that will make your life easier with some creative ideasat home, in the sports, on the picnic, on the beach, in the car seat,in decoration.

Pestemal is suitable for multi-purposeuse. How Does? For example,your towel in the bathroom,so that youlooked up formed in to a stylish table cloth or throw.

Peshtemal Turkish towel, you put onyour sunbed on the beach, can be used as a stylish sarong by wrappingit around your neck, after wipe yourself. That's all true.

TheTurkish towel, that gained even more softness in every wash, retainsits first day's beauty for years, with its color fastness feature.

Shall we try? Let's try it.

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