Turkish Towel Store Produced The First Pestemal Fabric Surf Changing Poncho Towel

The centuries old craft of weaving pestemal towel, has been a source of inspiration wherever people come into contact with water. Turkish Towel Store team continues to work and experiment, for exploring the usage areas of pestemal and to combine traditional Turkish towel with non-traditional experiences.

After many years of towel art experience, ''we saw that it needs real workmanship in order to fulfill the function properly the practical drying clothes and towels which modern life requires''.

And we thought that pestemal surfer changing towels, inspired by the idea of ​​combining traditional and modern, should be in Turkish Towel Store collections.

Result; we prepared surfer changing towel poncho collection for children and adult surfers.

And as always we are open to your opinions, suggestions and recommendations to improve our collection.

Have a closer look at our classic pestemal fabric surfer poncho and give us your ideas and opinions for design, use and all other ways....

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