How May Your Life Be Happy With A Towel

We may be able to find clues about our personality in our bathrooms. For example our hobbies, our affection for comfort and aesthetics, as well as our travel preferences, small but important details about us are reserved in our bathrooms.

For example you love the sea, but you are the ones who prefer to be on the beach instead of the vast seas. You prefer outdoor sports such as tennis, swimming and sailing. A fun weekend for you is to go to a restaurant where you can find the best seafood, or take a long walk along the beach with a lighthouse. You have a calm but energetic and adventurous spirit that delivers peace to the surroundings.

Or you're a fan of detective films, symphonic music, crime novels where makeup and decors stand out. You are very fond of furniture with antique and tumbled techniques, and you are also very interested in flashy objects. You should be given up to be adorning, tasting and traveling with friends.
Your choice of travel: New York, Cote d'azur and Venice. And in your mind, there's always a huge ship in your mind and a whole Mediterranean tour.

Or you are very successful in solving problems and bringing different perspectives to events. In school, your favorite things were probably the debate groups and the philosophy. You are a respected, open-minded, self-conscious person who is aware of its value.
Your travel preference: Fashion centres where you can follow vintage fashion.

You all have very stylish and attentive bathrooms. Some of your bathroom tiles are diagonally furnished, while some of your bathrooms have a marble bathroom floor. If you have decorated your own bathroom, the colors you choose will surely reveal your personality.

However, the common thing you all have in your bathroom is the peshtemal Turkish towel. Because you must have met with Peshtemal Turkish towel.
The Turkish towels, produced in different patterns and colors, from different materials such as cotton, linen, bamboo, are separated from towels due to the pleasant feel of the skin and therefore are loved by many.

Of course, the reasons for preferring, the ingredients and weaving properties, depending on the high water extraction feature, fast drying, light and easy to move is also included.

Every product you choose reflects you. If you're thinking, "I'm just going to dry, what does it matter", even if you look very attentive, remember that a beach towel with a huge Mickey Mouse will show you childish.

You can also feel good at the beach by choosing the towel in patterns and colors that fit and suit your beach clothes.  

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