The Worlds Most Famous Names are on Good Terms with Turkish Towel

Did you know that the invitations of majestic wedding of Prince William and his beloved wife Catherine Middleton are made of Turkish towel. The hand size Turkish towels, that used as invitation and called as peskir, woven in Denizli province of Turkey. William and Middleton's names and the wedding date 29'th April 2011 embroidered in gold letters on the Turkish towels which weaved 40,000 pieces. It is how a creative idea and a pleasant memory, isn't it?
We wish them a lifetime of happiness on this occasion.

In a news of, the handsome actor Simon Baker and his sons are having good time on the beach. Baker and his son, with the pestemal Turkish Towels wrapped with different techniques from waist, does not look great you think?

According to an article that I have read in Popsugar, pestemal was also among the presents in Jennifer Hawkins's Christmas wish list which desired by her to use at the beach. The Turkish towel is a good choice and a welcome gift with it's extremely soft and comfortable texture.

Tehere is a pestemal wrapped photo of Jennifer Aniston in a news of Everybody already knows Jennifer's pestemal love.

Here is the famous American actress Jessica Alba wrapped around her neck a Turkish towel as a shawl. Is not that very stylish?

Beautiful actress Rachel Bilson is also among those who prefer pestemal at the beach or on the boat.

So the legend of surf and the world champion Kelly Slater prefer to dried himself by Turkish towel after dancing with the waves.

We're now watching from the press that many famous people interested in Turkish towels, except these names that we compiled for our blog. Pestemal Turkish towel is a niche product that, comfortable, natural, light, quick drying, space saving and easy to carry. Consequently, it should not be surprised that pestemal towel recognized by all of the world and spread rapidly.

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