Concerning to Turkish Bath

What is the Turkish bath (hammam):

The general definition of hammam is the domed building which is built for bathing, heated by a special scheme and where hot and cold water is available.

Turkish baths, that used for centuries both physical and spiritual purification place, are architectural structures of attracting attention with its elegance. This steamy world, which is shown a lot of interest by tourists, opened its doors for the first time in the second half of the 11th century.

Hammam visited with a variety of purposes, such as relaxation, cleaning and socializing lets you experience the feeling of joy and cosiness worthy of the Sultans.

Turkish bath is the cradle of the healing. All,
the turkish peelig (kese) applied on the heated marble slab (gobek tasi), the sparkling massage and also the steamy and relaxing environment of hammam used as a cure for many diseases, including arthritis.

Undoubtedly, pestemals, silver and copper bath bowls and marble basins are the most important accessories of this massive marble furnished, domed building.

The sound of the water flowing from the taps in this steam paradise is like a lullaby.

It is unable to forget the delicious flavor of The turkish coffe and Turkish delight that served in the private relaxation room with the clean and sweet smell of soap, after bathing.

In fact, the most effective way to learn about the city in Turkey is being in hammam for a while. The answers of questions such as what is cultural meanings and cultural structures of the city, where the best antique shops is, where to sold the cheapest rug, which are the best hotels and restaurants, are hidden within the nice hammam conversations.

There are ways, rules and harmony of hammam enchantment. So you can not have a quick bath and leave the hammam. You should allow minimum two hours for this delight. Firstly you should select the fountain and marble seat you want then as is customary you should wash the seat by pouring water and lastly you should set the hot and cold water taps. Near the fountain's basin be full you may start pour the water over your head. But do not shampooing your hair immediately. Because it is difficult to scrub your body if even a bit soap comes up. For this reason, in the beginning sudsing not recommended in hammam. First, get wet, warm up and then lay down on the marble slab and feel the warmth in every cell.

In Turkish culture hammam is a meeting point that many happy events such as wedding or birth are celebrated and blessed.

Every Turkish bath, which hosts the most famous names of the world and which inspires a lot of orientalist painters for centuries, is a cultural worth with it's unique architecture and it's function.

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