Handicrafts Museum Opened in Buldan

Weaving museum has been opened in textile civilization Buldan. Former Government House and old jail have been restored and have been turned into The Municipality Handcrafts and Cultural Center in Buldan, whic is a famous town of Turkey especially with the pestemal and Turkish towel weaving.

Buldan, which is one of the oldest historic district of Denizli province in the west Turkey, today is still considered the capital of weaving and woven towels. All natural conditions needed for weaving are available in this region. Cotton, which is the raw material of Turkish towels and other weavings, is grown in the fertile soil of the Great Menderes Plain. Textile dyes used in weavings are the madders that obtained from the bark of pine and acorn. To stabilize the paint hot waters of the region are used. Obviously, this area is quite rich in terms of water springs. In addition to natural conditions, thanks to being on the famous ancient highway The Royal Road, that linking the west to Anatolia and Mesopotamia, textile business has developed rapidly in Buldan district of Denizli.

This important cultural and handicraft center has been achieved to the weaving town of Buldan by renovating the historic government house remained from 1870's and the old jail.

Atriums of these two buildings have been combined and opened and and it is now used as outdoor cafe.

The building was renovated in order to tell the history of centuries of weaving history in Buldan has been designed as a kind of ethnographic museum.

The basement of the old government house has been organized as textile museum and the top floor as handicrafts museum. There are also venues upstairs for craft training and product sales.

Prison wards of old jail have been converted to workshops where the production and products exhibited. Three hand looms, a motorized loom, a winding machine, a hand warp, spinning wheels and some other woven materials and tools are placed in this section.

This complex with facilities such as museums, shopping and recreation, will be very educative for visitors in pestemal, towel, fabric weaving and about Turkish handicrafts.

The article that written by Nezihat Köşklük Kaya and named ''Transformation of Buldan OldGovernment House and Old Jail to the Municipality Handicrafts Museum and Culture Center''.

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