New Towel Trend Sprawling All Over the World

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

Did you know what the recent trends in the towel? Do not say, come on is it ever 600 years old stuff becomes fashionable, it was even.

Is not so nice the innovations what the modern world brought. What a wonderful thing the technology. Here are factories now, who needs the handlooms. Go, mix the polyester to the natural yarn. Reduce costs, beat down the prices.

Paint the yarns, sent to the factories. Made colorful towels and bathrobes promptly. Let them compete with each other in the beautiful shop windows with the eye-catching colors and models. Superb!!!!!

My goodness, all very nice, I want to get them all.

Let's start using the towels and bathrobes we bought with a great enthusiasm, is not it.

Then what????

Oh, what's going on? Colors of towels are more fading in each wash. These are hardened like sandpaper. No trace that soft and nice towels.

How heavy these bathrobes. Getting tired when I wore it. Get dry in no way. Going crazy with this musty odor.

And suddenly, the World forgot about the technology, factory and everything. Found out the pestemal, which has been waiting patiently in its corner for centuries.

But this towel is so thin, like a dress fabric. It is surprisingly too absorptive. Made of 100% natural cotton, is this could be the reason, what do you say?

This Turkish towel is drying up so quickly and no musty smell at all, very interesting.

In fact, that's pretty and how elegant it is.

Oh, just remembered, I've seen this towel last summer on the beach. Someone wrapped it at the waist, I thought it was pareo, so it was a towel. Actually, pestemal also looks very stylish as a sarong.

Wow, it is extremely light, I'll take it wherever I want. It is the most space saving towel I have ever seen. Finally, my bathroom cabinet become spacious since I started using pestemal.

How handy that Turkish towel bathrobes, for children's swimming lessons. Lightweight, absorbent, and drying fast. Quite cosy by Jove. Colors, patterns and style of Turkish towels are so unique and beautiful.

Pestemal towels have got colorfastness and keeping the softness features into the bargain.

Do not say we haven't heard, these towels are soooo trendy. Even celebrities are now using pestemal towel made of Turkish cotton and some of them have become enthusiast.

Between you and me and the gatepost, of course.

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