Tips on Buying Bathrobes


Everybody wants to own quality, soft and comfortable bathrobe. A fluffy hooded robe, that you wrapped after a relaxing warm shower, can be used as morning gown as well.

-You may want to take anything lightly on you while watching television at home,

-Using the bathrobe of you at the beach, gym or school may also included in your choices,

-God forbid, if you have to stay in hospital, you may need a wear easy to use.

   No matter what the reason is, there are some things to consider when choosing your bathrobe;

   What is common in all of these bathrobe areas of usage? Bathrobe must be light, thin and space saving as well as absorptive. Being stylish is also an obviously desirable condition.

   The point to be very careful when selecting a bathrobe is the quality of raw materials. The bathrobe should not contain synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and like else. Bathrobes that woven of 100% natural cotton are eligible for human health as well as absorption ability is very high. In addition, due to being natural they do not hardened and not deformed quickly. Your comfort continues for years.

   Likewise, bamboo cotton blended bathrobes are cozy, healthy and absorptive. Does not irritate your skin. Bamboo plant naturally have got the features of antibacterial and deodorising. Bamboo cotton blended towel does not lose its softness and antibacterial propertiy even after hundreds of washing. Therewithal bamboo cotton textiles are eco friendly.

   What should be the size of bathrobes?

   If you want to feel comfortable with your robe and use it on the pyjamas or swimsuit, it should be a little flowing. In addition, the length should be above the knee and below the ankle. Because the medium length and a little flowing robe gives you motility.

   Hooded robe also eliminates the need for the use of a another hair towel. If you prefer to wear shawl collar bathrobe we strongly recommend to you use pestemal robe. Because pestemal bathrobe that does not irritate your neck for being thin fabric. and there is absolutely a Turkish peskir towel (small size pestemal) to dry your hair in the same color and model.

   Moreover, peshtemal bathrobe has quite eye catching color alternatives and also color fastness feature.

   Needless to say how much of our children's skins are sensitive. Therefore we must choose robes for our kids which does not contain chemicals to harmful for human skin and woven of 100% natural yarn. If possible, kids bathrobes should be hooded to protect children from cold. Softness is another requirement for children's bathrobe. Additionally, to be used in activities of children which do not stop, bathrobe should be light and space saving as well as being absorbent and quick drying. Pestemal kid's bathrobe is the number one on these issues.

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