Usage Areas of Pestemal

Peshtemal is the Turkish towel that woven of 100% cotton, blend of cotton and bamboo or blend of cotton and linen yarns which obtained completely natural fibers.

Pestemal that traditionally used in order to be covered and get dried in Turkish Baths, continued to woven in a faithful manner to it's origin.

It is never forgotten. On the contrary,over the centuries it got increasingly wax beautiful.

Compared with other towels pestemal is much more space saving, dries faster, requires lesser energy to wash or dry, more decorative, and all natural.

If you're ready, we would like to keep you informed in the matter of unimaginable usage areas of Turkish pestemal;

  • Firstly, let's remunerate the Turkish bath. Hot Turkish bath, which is the birthplace of the Turkish towel, of course the primary usage area of cool, light and comfortable pestemal. It used in the hammam with the aim of to be covered during the bath and also wipe yourself after the bath,

    • Pestemal also suitable for the decorative purposes. It can be used in various of different ways in the ins and out of your house. Throw, table cloth, ground cloth and bed cover are just a few of the examples that we can tell,

    • Colorful pestemals that you spread on the green grass will be your greatest helper in a family picnic,

    • Turkish towels that you can use as a beach blanket on the beach are also usable as a sarong or pareo with vivid colors matching your swimsuit,
    • Pestemal, which you can wrap your shoulder as a shawl in the cool autumn evening, at the same time is an accessory that you can complete your trendy look as a scarf.
    • Turkish towel peshtemal woven of 100% natural yarn does not contain any harmful chemicals to human health. Therefore, it is the ideal product to be used as baby care mat or playing cloth for children,
    • It is an easy to carry towel thanks to the fine texture and lightness. If you allow a little space in your suitcase for your pestemal, you will have the luxury of using your own towel during the travel.
    • In addition, pestemal is the most suitable towel for sauna, pool and gym.
    The abilities of pestemal of course not limited with mentioned here. Let's carry on;

    1. You can feel relieved in the hot weather by putting a slightly wet small peshtemal on your neck. It is so light that, even you will not feel the Turkish towel on your neck while cooling.
    2. If you sweat a lot at night while sleeping, you can spread the lightweight pestemal Turkish towel on your bed sheet. In the same way, you can sleep comfortably by laying on your pillow a small pestemal. 100% cotton Turkish towel, which absorb moisture easily, increases your quality of sleep by relaxing your body, your neck and your hair. Be sure.
    3. You can use the furnitures, that raise your body temperature, by covering with peshtemal. The three-dimensional curls of Turkish towel create an air flow on the space where your body touches. In this way, your body temperature do not increase and you sweat lesser.
    4. You can prevent to fall sick the sweaty babiesan d children by drying the back with cotton or bamboo small pestemal that you put under the t-shirt or undershirt.

    We are certain that you will find up new areas of usage to your Turkish pestemal with your creative ideas, except these recommendations that we compiled for our blog.

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