Turkish Bath is a Miracle of Healing

Have you ever thought, wherefore theTurkish bath curiosity continuous for centuries? We can not give itup in no way because Turkish hammam is the only meeting point ofrelaxation, health, culture and history.

Do you wonder how?

I am telling for our readers, who havenot visited a Turkish bath before; that beautiful, great and brightdomed buildings of historical hammams which are protected as intactfor centuries, reflects the traditional features of Turkisharchitecture, exactly same as it's origin.

Certainly you need to know that it is agreat favor bathing in this historic magnificent buildings,accompanied by a very special catering and services.

Temperature is between 35-45 °C inthose spacious, light-well, domed bath houses.

The nonstop useage of hot water inTurkish bath creates an environment with high moisture. This moistatmosphere mobilizes organs by raising the body temperature.

You will experience a sense of reliefwith Turkish peeling (kese) which is applied by bath glove and foammassage, after relaxing in the hot atmosphere of the hammam. This isalmost a feeling of rebirth.

It is known the positive effects ofsweating on health. 10% of the sweat are toxins. A person sweatsalmost 1.5 liters in 15 minutes while lying on the heated marble slabof Turkish bath. 1.5 liters of sweat is more than daily sweatingcapacity. Thus, it helps the kidneys the quick sweat in hammam.

Factors, such as air pollution andartificial substances that surround us in our everyday lives, cloggedpores of our skin. Turkish bath peeling (kese) applied after sweatingis the exact solution to open the pores, besides that very relieving.Opening the pores of the skin, helps in the treatment of various skinproblems, such as cellulite, acne and like else.

In Turkish bath, toxic chemicals in thebody is excreted, body temperature is equilibrated, skin is cleaned,muscle relaxation and relief is provided.

A hot bathe after sweating in hammam isrecommended for those who experience problems such as flu, arthritis,headaches, alcohol poisoning.

Capillaries under the skin opens soblood pressure is regulated. Acceleration of heart rate and bloodcirculation, expedite the cleaning of the organism. Hot and humidenvironment of the bath increases the need for oxygen. Respiratorysystem is stimulated. Breathing frequency is increased.

Despite the numerous benefits, pleasenote that cardiac patients and hypertension patients must consult adoctor before going to the hammam.

There are tepidity sections, to ensurea gradual transition to the cold and hot sections of the Turkishbath.

Therefore, different parts of the bathare heated gradually.

Floors and seats of all Turkish bathsare covered with marble, which has got the features of hygiene andbeauty.

Also, in Turkish hammams, disposablesoaps, clean pestemals and towels and bath gloves are served to thecustomers.

In summary Turkish Hammams;

  • Reduces stress and relaxes the mind,

  • Good for relieving muscles and helps to eliminate arthritis diseases,

  • Turkish bath is very helpful for lymphoedema and other lymphatic disorders,

  • Increases the amount of oxygen in the body by speeding up breathing,

  • Accelerates the metabolism,

  • Refreshes and rejuvenates skin,

  • Turkish hammam is the ideal place to remove dead skin,

  • Opens the sinus blockage which caused by allergic asthma,

  • Speeds up the blood flow,

  • Boosts the immunity,

  • Recently, steamy environments with high temperature used as a therapeutic for cancer patients. Therefore, cancer patients also frequently visit Turkish baths.

We would like to remind you that;hammam is not recommended for those who is in the risk group ofhypertensive heart disease.

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