Sarong is a kind of pestemal made of linen, silk or cotton yarn.
There is also a very long history of the South Asian origin sarong in the Pacific Islands. This type of pestemal is called as "pareo" in the South Pacific Islands, Tahiti and Hawaii but it is named  as "sarong" in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. There is a similar garment in Africa, called as "kanga" . Sarong has got the features of quick drying and easy to carry, due to its fine tissue.  For this reason and with the functional usage it is very preferable for travel. At the same time, sarong is suitable for using as home decoration accessories, beach towels, beach pareo and beach blanket. It becomes a marvellous dress by applying the correct wrapping techniques.

Sarong skirt
Wrap the Sarong around you at your waist, hold two corners of the towel with your hands. Tie it in a knot in a side of your hip. You can get a shorter hemline if apply the same thing by folding in half the sarong.
Sarong halter
Hold the two corners of sarong with both hands and wrap it under your armpits. Wrap the Sarong around your body by bringing the two corners forward below your arms. Enwrap it cross around your neck and knot behind your neck.
Strapless sarong dress
Hold the two corners of sarong and take it to your back. Wrap the sarong on your body and tie it in knot on your chest.