African Art Kikoy
Kikoi Kenya's centuries-old traditional costume African kikoy or with the other name kikoi has become to one of the most popular products of today's fashion world.
It is woven of high-quality cotton yarn in the form of rectangular and it is usually in vibrant colors, thick striped or plaid.
Top designer Louis Vuitton have some Kikoy designs at his designs (left picture). Singer Madonna is a one of the Kikoy wearers and fans (middle picture).

Kenyan Kikoys
Kikoi can be used as bath towel, beach towel, beach pareo, beach blanket and at the same time it can also be a very stylish and practical clothing by tying in the waist or neck. You can make an excellent accessory and create your own style by wrapping the kikoy around your waist on tight pants. African kikoy can adorn lounge as a home textile or your dining table as a tablecloth. It accompanies you as a picnic blanket for a picnic with your family.
Kikoy Kanga or Sarong
African origin kikoy with its protective and decorative role has become an accessory used and enjoyed by people of any age, male or female, even very preferred by celebrities. The most important features of kikoy are being a hand woven, produced of high-quality cotton yarn, using vegetable dye and therefore being an ecological product. You can see Caroline Princess of Monaco wearing a Kikoy (right picture)