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  Suzani has got a cotton and silk fabric base, which is embroidered with genuine silk y..
Peshtemal Turkish towel in checkered pattern.  Thish peshtemal with great color options&nb..
Hand made copper bowl. This bowl is all handmade and made of copper. Turkish copper bowls are u..
Diamond pattern Turkish hand towel. This hand and hair peshtemal woven of 100% Turkis..
Hand made silver plated copper bowl. This bowl is all handmade, made of copper and silver plate..
This Turkish Towel muslin peshtemal made even more evident by the geometric pattern with l..
Hand made copper bowl. This bowl is all handmade and made of copper. Turkish copper bowls are u..
This cozy wrapping kids bathrobe is tailored from 100% cotton Turkish towel.  Hooded child robe..
What is bath glove and how to use ? Made of 100% natural floss. To get rubbed with bath glove ..
Unisex Hooded pestemal bathrobe varicolored and genuine cotton. The hooded and hundred per..
Black Tassel Soft Cotton Peshtemal Checkered Pattern
Peshtemal Turkish towel with black tassels and eye catching colors.  Peshtemal with great ..
Unisex cotton bathrobe. This incomparable pesthemal bathrobe woven of hundred percent cotton and col..
Hand painted ceramic bowl with red carnation flowers. This bowl is all handmade and hand painted. Tu..
Unisex Turkish towel bathrobe.This shawl collar bathrobe made of self checkerboard patterned and hun..
The grey Turkish pestemal complemented with thick red and thin white stripes. Turkish towel with fri..
The red Turkish pestemal complemented with thick grey and thin white stripes. Peshtemal bath an..
Turkish towel pestemal made of hundred percent cotton. Red color pestemal hammam towel designed..
Turkish bath and beach towel woven of hundred percent cotton. These ruby color pestemal is embe..
Unique Turkish pestemal towel. The claret red color Turkish Towel decorated with thin and thick ecru..
Super soft cotton pestemal towel. The Turkish Bath Towel has red and green frequent stripes on ..
Soft and absorbent terry towel is crafted from Turkish cotton. Colored curly vertical..
The mixed Turkish towel made of 50% cotton yarn and 50% bamboo yarn. The claret red fabric of peshte..
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