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Peshtemal Turkish towel in checkered pattern.  Thish peshtemal with great color options&nb..
Large Zebra Pattern Muslin Dual Layered and Pre Washed Turkish Bath Towel Cotton Peshtemal. Dua..
Chevron pattern muslin dual layer peshtemal towel in five colors. Pre washed and super soft. Du..
Turkish peshtemal made of hundred percent pure cotton on traditional looms. This Turkish towel ..
This very special Turkish towel peshtemal is made by using traditional weaving techniques. Natural c..
Jacquard palm leaves patterned peshtemal turkish towel in color options.This Turkish towel ..
Super Soft Turkish Towel in peshtemal cotton towel in traditional pattern woven of hundr..
Nautical themed, super soft Turkish peshtemal muslin towel. Pre washed and super absorbent.  Na..
Super Soft Turkish Towel with Minimal Diagonal Patterns and Various Color Options Woven ..
Super Soft Turkish Towel in traditional pattern woven of hundred percent Turkish co..
Vertical Striped Turkish Cotton Peshtemal in Eight Colors.  Stripes are on the ecru, which is t..
Charcoal Fringes Cotton Turkish Peshtemal Towel made of Turkish cotton.The Turkish towel, made of hu..
Dual Layered Geometric Turkish Cotton Muslin Peshtemal
Geometric patterned dual layer Turkish peshtemal towel. Dual layer means more absorbency and du..
Herringbone patterned Turkish bath towel woven of pure cotton. The Turkish towel peshtemal has been ..
Zebra Pattern Dual Layered Turkish Bath Towel Cotton Peshtemal. Dual layer means more absorbency and..
Honeycomb and mesh patterned peshtemal towel with five charcoal stripes.The Turkish towel, made of h..
Honeycomb Patterned Turkish Towel
Here's a real classic of Turkey. Self Honeycomb and Mesh Patterned Peshtemal Towel.The Turkish ..
Turkish towel sarong woven of Turkish cotton. Interlace patterned pestemal is on..
Hand loomed linen peshtemal made of 50 % linen 50 % cotton. Linen Turkish bath towel ..
Very soft textured striped Turkish towel woven of 100% Turkish cotton. This authentic Turkish towel ..
Beige Turkish peshtemal with green stripes. the best quality bath towel woven of 100 % cotton. Turki..
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