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Authentic cotton Turkish pestemal towel. Made of 100% genuine Turkish cotton by using jacquard weaving technique. Natural and gray cotton yarn combined and self- patterns created on the peshtemalUsed high quality pure cotton for the best result of the Turkish hammam pestemal

Strongly recommended to wash the cotton peshtemal before the first use. You will se that at the very first wash it gets surprisingly soft touch. As usual this Turkish bath and beach towel getting softer and more absorbent after every single wash. 

It is the same with the other Turkish bath towels, needs short time to dry under the sun. Or can be dried in a windy place, dries very quickly comparing to the terry towels. If you like to, you can put it into your dryer too. Choosing sensitive program is recommended if you use the dryer.

There are many occasions you can choose to use this special towel. Pestamals are not just for the bath or the beaches. Can be used as a table cloth or a very stylis throw at home. The cotton Turkish towel at the beach can be wrapped as a sarong.

There is no limit to use a peshtemal. Enjoy...

  • Weight: 500.00 g / 17.64 oz
  • Dimension: Length 200.00 cm / 78.74 in | Width 110.00 cm / 43.31 in
  • Style
    Bath Towel
    Weaving Method
    100% Cotton