The Magic Behind The Turkish Towel

What is the secret of the velvety touches of Turkish towels woven in modest looms in our workshops?

These thin, non fluffy towels that have been spreading all over the world now unlock the possibility of being both stylish and natural. With the Peshtemal Turkish towel, the tendency of global naturalism is turning into the truth we always look for.

Pestemal Turkish towel provides a really impressive softness that can be felt in our skin.

First, high quality cotton of Cukurova and Menderes Plain is picked. These cottons are converted into weaving yarns without any chemical mixing.

Then the threads that come to our weaving workshops flow into the designs of our designers in the skillful hands of our weaving craftsmen.

In Pestemal Turkish towel production, napless weaving technique is used. The use of the lint-free weaving technique, high quality yarn and natural dye results in a thin, absorbent, quick drying towel that takes up little space.

These towels are quality and stylishly designed, the soft touch of bathrooms and beaches.

Pestamal is niche and a functional product.

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