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One Striped High Quality Cotton Peshtemal

Traditional Turkish towels woven of 100% pure cotton.

This very soft and decorative Turkish towel has got a very wide range of usage area. The Turkish towel peshtemal which woven of natural cotton is a napless but insomuch absorbent and very quick drying bath towelBath and beach pestemal also can be easily used as a sarong or pareo on the beach to complete your trendy look. 
Pestemal Turkish towel is also used with decorative purposes at home in style whatever you want. If you whish you can use shique Turkish towel as a tablecloth or as a stylish throw on your furniture to absorb the moisture of your body. 
Pestemal Turkish towels accompany you as a picnic blanket or beach blanketThin Turkish towel is easily carried in your bag on the way to travel, sports, or in the pool due to being thin and lightweight. 
Pestemal towel is a natural and an ideal playing cloth to throw on the floor and it is a good baby care mat.

When you start using peshtemal you will see the advantages of this multipurpose towelLets don't forget peshtemal Turkish towel is a product that absorbent, lightweight, comfortable, easy drying, hand weaved, vegetable dyed and also can be folded and just needs space almost as a t-shirt


  • Weight: 320.00 g / 11.29 oz
  • Dimension: Length 180.00 cm / 70.87 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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