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Peshtemal Produced on Hand Loom Adorned with Hand of Fatima Hamsa Figures

Hamsa patterned peshtemal is an outstanding example of the classical Turkish bath towel tradition that continued for centuries. This peshtemal woven of pure high quality cotton. The hammam and beach towel adorned with Hand of Fatima - Hamsa figures.

Supersoft and absorbent Turkish hammam towel included two sides which can be used as two different pestemal bath and beach towel. On one side the main color is dark and the hands are white. On the other side the main color is white and the hands are dark. Hamsa motifed Turlish towel can be used as a decorative object or as a shawl too if you wish. This lightweight pestemal is perfect for the bath, for the beach or Spa. 

This towel is the part of exclusive collection of Turkish Towel Store and it is only available in our online shop.

Pestemal that used by the Sultans of the Ottoman Dynasty in the hammams of the Palaces in days of yore, still woven and colored by staying faithful to its origin and using traditional methods.

What is Hamsa?                                                                                           

The meaning of the Hamsa is five. Nowadays Hamsa takes place in the collections of the very famous designers and used by celebrities like other enthusiasts by adapting on many different products. It is commonly be regarded as a symbol of the power almost  in the whole societies of the World. The hamsa symbol responds to most spiritual needs of the humanity such as power, abundance, strength and there is a common belief that it helps to person to whom it belongs to overcome the difficulties. At the same time, this hand motif symbolizes the most holy two women; Virgin Mary and Hadrat Fatima.

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  • Dimension: Length 180.00 cm / 70.87 in | Width 100.00 cm / 39.37 in

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