Why is It So Special Turkish Coffee Cup

Turkish coffee, an important part ofTurkish culture for six hundred years....

Turkish coffee, the flavor, whichJohann Sebastian Bach loved up as to compose a music for the sake ofit....

Turkish coffee, the main actor of thelarge catering ceremonies of Ottoman period, in the coffee cups thateach one was a work of art....

Turkish coffee, drink of the mostprecious moments, indispensable of the pleasant memories, is servedin carefully selected coffee cups....

Handled coffee cups adorned with motifsand symbols, metal cup holders, coffe cup saucers, Turkish coffeepots, Turkish delight bowls are important parts of Turkish culture aswell as coffee.

Besides, the special trays that carringthe coffee cups are also the prime guests of the ceremony.

Why the coffee cups made of porcelain ?

Japanese says that; hold the goodporcelain between your two hands, stroke it slowly, if it gives youa pleasantness, at that moment away from all the thoughts, albeit fora short time you'll wander in another world. That's why the Japanese,before drinking tea or coffee, first get all the pleasure ofporcelain by touching the coffee cup. I liked this so much and whatabout you?

Porcelain is an element of the ceramicthe group made of clay soil. It is consisting of only natural rawmaterials. Porcelain is extremely healthy substance. Porcelain takesthe whiteness of it from the raw materials used, it is not painted.

Porcelain, with light permeability,elegance and style, is also the most beautiful feature of a Turkishcoffee cup. Wide-mouthed small coffee cups, also keeps the famousTurkish coffee foam.

You build an emotional bonds with someof the belongings in your home, like Turkish coffee cups.

This cups have been your confidant,with the coffee they offer with pleasure in a lot of conversationtable. So in Turkish society no matter whoever is rich or poor, buythe the coffee cups by choosing carefully. Anyhow, they will be thefirst witness of the pleasure moment will be experienced.

Turkish coffee cups, which almost beginto talk with motifs on them, at the same time is the best gift togive to a friend.

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