Rediscover The Beauty Of The Turkish Towel

Printing on fabric is an old art since ceturies. The oldest known fabric printing is originated in China almost 4 thousand 5 hundred years ago. Since those thousand years coloring fabrics changed in many different ways and styles.

The main idea of coloring, painting or printing on fabric is different than using colored yarn to weave. Was not easy to make a design on fabric by weaving. At that time weavers decide to weave first and reflect their ideas on fabric. This was something like painting.

Actually painting or printing the patterns on fabric is the oldest painting art before the canvas painting.

Woodblock printing is known in India since 1600's. This process is applying color on fabric by using some wooden blocks. Wooden blocks are carved with some patterns or designs. Transferring the pattern or design with the wooden blocks was easy and faster than hand paint. The result was always the same even any other person uses the blocks.

In time, printing on fabric changed. The idea is almost the same with any book or paper printing. Nowadays textile industry have many different printing ways. Here are some samples:

Engraved roller printing

Screen printing

Direct to garment digital printing

Printing with inkjet printers

Stencil printing

Sublimation transfer printing

Block printing

Spray printing

Heat transfer or thermal transfer printing

Photo printing

Having a printed Turkish Towel is something new. Peshtemal or Turkish beach towel traditionally was woven and used as it was hundreds years ago. Today, people are looking for some new styles on peshtemals.

Printing on Turkish towels is one of the ways to meet expectations. Possibilities on printing are endless.

Turkish Towel Store decided to use direct to garment digital printing for peshtemal. The advantages of this printing style are:

Samples can be printed even one piece.

No MOQ for any existing design.

Process in which a special inkjet printer with special ink is used to print directly on fabric from the computer directly.

The inks we use are among the first direct to garment inks to not only carry the Oeko-Tex® Certification, but also be CPSIA compliant to help ensure they are safe for printing on your peshtemal.

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