Turkish Towel Store is the retail and wholesale selling channel of peshtemals worldwide. We are peshtemal manufacturer in Turkey. Selling the traditional hamam peshtemals with best prices online to our retail and wholesale customers. We offer the lowest Turkish bath towels with the highest quality ever. If you are looking for peshtemal this is the right site you can find. 
Pestemals are useful at home as bath towel, kitchen towel, hand towel, tea towel or at the beach as beach towel or even as a Spa towel. There is no limit using this wonderful product. If you prefer it's useful as a decorative object too. Maybe you will like to use the pestemal as a seat cover or table cover. With the beautiful colors and designs peshtemals will bring a new style to your house.
We are not just seller. We produce the beautiful peshtemals on our hand looms in Turkey. All items we produce and sell are made in Turkey with a high respect of their origins. Hamam peshtemal is a handicraft produced for centuries in Anatolia Turkey. We follow the footsteps of the old masters who were producing this eyecatching Turkish hamam peshtemals for hundreds of years. 
Pestemal for the kids
We did not forget the young and the children. There are lots of choices for kids. Taking care of the kids is important for all mothers. The materials we use for producting are natural and did not contains any harmful materials and chemicals. You can use them with joy. Kids pestemals, kids bathrobes and kids peshtemal ponchos will be the children's favorite. All items are elegant in style and comfortable.
Vacation travel with the family is the most beautiful time of the year. But we know that sometimes it can be headache because of all those luggage you carry. With all your stuff it's not easy to put the towels into the luggage if your family is crowded. Peshtemal needs less space than a terry towel in your bag or luggage if you compare. It's easy to fit up to three large peshtemals instead of one terry towel. And this is great for mothers who like to carry their own towels because of hygiene concerns.
Using and taking care of the peshtemal it's so simple and easy. Wash the peshtemal warm, let it dry under the sun or you can put it in dryer with sensitive mode, iron hot, do not bleach and do not forget to wash with alike colors. Each time you wash the peshtemal it's getting softer. After a couple of washing you will see that it becomes more soft and absorbent opposite of the terry towels. Terry towels are getting hard when they are aged. But peshtemals are getting softer and softer after each wash.
We offer you the chance of buying peshtemals directly from the manufacturer. Producing pestemal is our business for years. With this experience we have reached the highest quality peshtemal production methods. By using this experience on peshtemal manufacturing we are able to offer the best wholesale peshtemal prices. If you think to sell peshtemals, ask us for our competetive prices before you decide.