An Extraordinary Towel

Traditionally rectangular woven Turkish towel has got a new out of step style. From now on, new luxury roundie pestemals with fringes started to decorate houses, bathrooms, beaches and picnics as well as rectangular Turkish towels.

Essentially, Turkish towel which has a history older than 600 years is a textile fringedthin and napless.

Pestamal has been up to date from ancient Turkish baths thanks to its lightness, elegance, both very absorbent and quick drying, space-saving features and of course the coolness.

Traditional towel peshtemal, now meets contemporary lines and and become a part of our lives by pushing limits with rounded shapes as well as rectangular Turkish towels.

Advantages of roundie Turkish towel;

  • Made of same woven with rectangular pestemal. Therefore, it is also very absorbent and quickly drying towel.
  • It can also be used for decorative purposes thanks to its roundness, for example, it would be a great cover for your round table.
  • It would not be too bad a ground cloth to play for the children which is healthy and space saving.
  • On the beach rounded towel is used with both the aim of lie down on it and dry yourself and you will have the best of both worlds.
  • Round turkish towel is also a good picnic blanket.

In the other words, rounded pestemal is a multi-purpose textile product that every household needs.

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