Something Much More Than Towel

If you want to come out of towels and have more space in your lives, you also love Peshtemal Turkish towel, here are 6 different usage proposals, to evaluate it differently...

# Peshtemal Instead Of Towel

Tired of bath towels or bathrobes and looking for a change? Or do you prefer a lighter drying method instead of using a bathrobe in the summer heat? Then, make a place for the Turkish towels in the bathrooms.

Thanks to its high absorbency, lightness and fast drying properties, you can easily use peshtemal on the beaches, with which you will not feel uncomfortable wetness.

Due to the small footprint, you can use different colors according to your choice of swimsuit, which provide great convenience during travel, and easily carried in your beach bag.

# If You're Bored Of Beach Dresses, How About Trying Turkish Towel Peshtemal?

We mentioned about how comfortable it is to be dry with peshtemal on the beaches.

Well,how about using it as a dress or sarong?

When you're wet out of the sea, you can turn peshtemal into a simple dress by wrapping it, instead of a thick dress or a pareo. It is now up to your imagination to create a stylish dress.

# That Peshtemal, Which You Love The Patterns Of It, Why Would'nt Decorate Your Sofa Or Bed?

For the throws we use to jazz up our sofas or beds there are many different options in winter such as knitting, velvet, moher. However, by the warming of the air, the fabrics preferred in all textile products are changing completely.

Heavy fabrics are replaced by lightweight products such as linen and cotton. You can use them on your sofas by choosing the following, which are suitable for the general decoration of your home. With the ability to absorb moisture, it will make your life easier in everyday use with easy washing features, as well as not to sweat you.

# How About Coloring Tables With Peshtemal Towels?

Bathrooms, beaches, living room, we didn't forget the dining rooms. You can use colorful peshtemals as tablecloth and you can characterize your dining tables. You don't have to worry about it being getting dirty quickly. You can wash your new tablecloth more often with less damage to the environment because it occupies very little space in the washing machine.

# On Peshtemal, You Can Also Have Picnic Or Do Yoga, Depending On You

The bags are always very heavy because of what you need to take with you on your way to the gym. You can choose a peshtemal instead of a towel to be dry in the gym or after a shower.

If you don't want to do yoga, you can just lie down and enjoy on the peshtemal in your picnic basket.

# Just Pay Attention To Peshtemal Turkish Towel, You Can Also Use It As A Shawl Or Scarf As Well As You Can Use In Many Ways

Who doesn't like a colored scarf? Or the gentle touch of a slight shawl on your shoulder on cool summer nights? You can keep your neck warm and create a different style by wrapping peshtemal that suits your outfit. Or you can use a peshtemal Turkih towel in the summer evenings instead of carrying a cardigan or jacket against a slight coolness. 


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