Some Amazing Facts About Coffee

  • According to a study conducted on 20,000 people coffee drinkers show signs of asthma three percent less than the people who don't use coffee.

  • A scientific report, presented by the California university, revealed that the steam rising from a cup of coffee contains antioxidant equivalent to three of oranges.

  • Coffee is the most popular beverage of world which is consumed about 400 billion cups every year.

  • Adding milk to the coffee had been popular, when coffee with milk were be advised on the use of the medicinal purposes, by a French doctor, in 1680.

  • Bethoveen, who was a coffee lover, was so meticulous and tender about his coffee. So that, 60 coffee beans was used to prepare every cup of coffee.

  • In the 14th century the Turks began to grain and roast the coffee beans and after 300 years in the 1600s they became the main distributor of coffee produced worldwide.

  • Residual caffeine, obtained after processing of decaffeination, is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Coffee is evaluated according to three criteria; bean quality, size of the bean and the quality of preparation.

  • Some green coffee beans can be stored for years without roasting and some experts believe that the quality of coffee beans improve if they remain for a long time.

  • Coffee owes its popularity to mix well almost every flavour.

  • Coffee is in the national list of '' the most recognizable aroma '' in Turkey.

  • Coffee as a commodity in the second rank after petrol all around the world.   

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