How to Slow Down in the Summer and Relax Our Tired Bodies and Minds

How was your winter? Busy, working hard, chaotic? These are the ones we feel when we leave behind the winter of the year.

Now winter is over and the beautiful summer is here. Then what will we do first? We will create opportunities to enjoy life in long and sunny summer days and cool and wonderful summer evenings. Slow down, take a cup of coffee and give 10 minutes to encourage yourself.

Remember, if you start the summer lively and cheerful, this mood will follow you all year long. We can all form a pleasant environment for ourselves, as long as we stop sometimes for a moment and feel that we live.

Start; a nice massage to relax our tired bodies and our minds that thoughts are chasing each other.

Of course we would prefer having foam massage in a Turkish bath. But do not worry if you do not have a chance to go to the Turkish bath. You can also go to a massage salon near your house. Not even a massage saloon around? Open the shower and get under. Put the Turkish bath glove and do a self massage therapy. But during the massage, we leave all the thoughts in our minds out and enjoy the moment, promise?

Yessss, the massage is over. We wrapped pestemal Turkish towels, feeling ourselves cool, so fresh and wonderful. Now, we can plan our nice vacation, while apart from our workload, our sorrows, the chaos of life and everything that creates stress in us.

Our absolute must needs for a superb summer holiday are beautiful sea and wishy washy, storable, quick-dry pestemal.

Have you chosen yourself a holiday destination on the internet, a nice place that has wonderful sea, wonderful fresh fish and snacks? Well done! If we set the time, it's okay.

So, will we go on like this until holiday?

Of course not. We will immediately shake off the weight and lethargy of the winter.

First we will move away our quilts and thick blankets. We will choose our blanket Turkish towel which is in our favorite color. Now this wide but light, vibrant colored and fringed blanket towel is both our bed cover and siesta piqué. It is easy to wash, quickly dry and the color never fades!!!!

Yeah, our bedroom is in summer mode too. Oh we relaxed, didn't we?

Now let's take a look at the square and round pestemal Turkish towels we choose for the bathroom.

How light, isn't it? They are very easy to wash and dry quickly due to made of genuine cotton.

In fact, I have a good idea. That's not on, to lock up these wonderful colors only in the bathroom. Will they be suit the table in the garden? Absolutely!!!! Here we have a beautiful summer tablecloth. Does not this table look so inviting to drink wine on a warm summer evening after a busy work day? Yeah, it looks.

What will happen next? Use your imagination and never forget your pestemals!!!!

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